Fender Rumble Studio 40 - Bassocombo

Hinta: 379,00
Määrä: kpl
Fender Rumble Studio 40W bassocombo. Yli 15 vahvistin mallinnusta ja 40 efektiä.

- 40-watt WiFi-equipped digital bass amplifier
- One 10" Fender Special Design speaker; compression tweeter
- Free, exclusive Tone App for one-touch preset access, management and editing
- New models and effects with “spillover”
- Bluetooth audio streaming and control
- Stereo send and return; AUX input; XLR line outputs; USB output; headphone output
- Onboard 60-second looper; setlist support
- Optional MGT-4 footswitch for control of presets and effects, tuner and looper access
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